I’m taking a leaf from John West’s book …

Heres’s the famous slogan – “It’s the fish that John West reject that makes John West the best”, its a great slogan, why would you want to buy the rejected salmon when you can have this better one?


After I decided to part company with a sign writer who had a business just around the corner from me, I realised that John West had a good point in their slogan.


I had completed several vehicle wrap designs with a patriotic named sign writer around the corner from me, I would do the liaising with the client until they were happy with the designs and then passed them on as printable artwork to print out and apply to their vehicles, pretty simple for him really. But when I saw the finished designs applied onto the vehicles they looked dreadful, I noticed that he had moved the designs about, re-sized them and even, on one occasion, changed their logo to fit, these things were done to such an extent that the designs and layouts no longer looked like what was approved and paid for by the client. The client was furious as you can imagine, wouldn’t you be?


I tried to sort it out with the sign writer who then shouted and swore at me for “interfering with his work”, and that it was ‘out of my hands and he was dealing with it’. I want my clients all to be happy with the full service from start to finish and so I have the right to try and make it right, after all it was my design they liked, paid for, approved, and thought they were getting at the end. I want all my clients to be happy with the finished result, after all you wouldn’t be happy if you bought a red car and ended up with a green one would you?


So here’s where the John West’s slogan comes in, by deciding that ‘I will not pass on any design work to any dodgy suppliers’, makes my business even better. That way I won’t have to deal with unprofessional workmanship and I will only use the best and most brilliant suppliers to work with. So I’m rejecting bad and incompetent suppliers.