Car Wraps, the way to advertise for less

Car wraps nowadays are seen everywhere and are a great way promote your business quickly, effectively and most importantly, cheaply, certainly cheaper than a radio spot and most magazines and they last longer too, you can turn your company vehicle into a moving billboard.

So what is a vehicle wrap then?

Well, basically it’s turning your vehicle into a moving advertising campaign by completely or partially covering it in a UV printed vinyl. It doesn’t matter what original colour your car is, it will be completely covered, if you do a whole car wrap that is.

Car wraps have a advantage over re-sparying, for a start they can be removed so it’s not permanent fixture and you can change it later if your bored with it, but also it protects the paintwork too with a UV protection.

It only takes a day in the workshop to fully cover your whole car, we take everything off, like your indicators and lights, so we are not cutting around them, we put them back over the top so you get a professional result. We go that bit extra so you look great!

But just one note

If you want to have a vehicle wrap done to promote your business, make sure you list it on your insurance policy for their replacement value and be aware of the potential consequences if you need to make a claim.