How much should I pay for a logo design?

With today’s fast paced world, new businesses are popping up left right and next door. So the second thing to think about (after your companies new name) is your logo design and look. And it’s not an easy feat for a designer I can tell you. One thing I like to try and get across to my new venture client is “I’m not a mind reader, I can’t guess what is in your head, you need to tell me or show me”. They know their own business the best, I’m just the outsider looking in, they have to tell me what look they want to achieve and is right for them.

In working out a price your graphic designer will base it on how hard it is to create what you want, the time it will take to create it and to keep it within your budget. You also may want a few design ideas or several, these too take time to come up with, then there’s the changes you want to make to the design you like most, again these take time to do and get them over to you for approval. Email us now for a personalised quote.

Here are the steps you can think about before engaging a graphic designer:
  •     What does your business do? ie: Accountant, Jockey or Garden Centre.
  •     What do you as the owner want to see their image as? i.e.: Friendly, corporate or posh.
  •     Do you want a simple design or a complicated one?
  •     Have you seen a style or look you really like or to be similar to?
  •     Budget, how much do you have to spend to get what you want?
  •     What will it be used on? This needs to be factored in. Stationary, Catalogues, Websites, Brochures, etc
  •     Will it be used in colour and also in black and white too?